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it’s time

It’s time. This idea has been gestating for at least 4 years now – waiting for me to get more practice and to have my world rocked by a graduate course this past year. And I am thoroughly excited to finally offer this program to you, especially if you are ready to go deeper into your experience of life and maybe even shift your eating habits in the process.

Why I am so excited:

Most of us eat at least three times a day. Each of these meals is comprised of many moments in which we have the opportunity to deliberately pay attention. Through the very specific mindful eating practices, we can greaten our awareness. This not only lets us enjoy each meal fully and make more skillful decisions, but the awareness we cultivate inevitably spreads to other aspects of our lives and we start to participate more fully in our lives. When designing this course, I picked out the practices that I found the most useful and easy to regularly incorporate into daily life so that we get good at practicing mindful eating which can ultimately change how we touch the world around us.

This 4-week, one-on-one coaching program is limited to only ten people and starts on January 15th.

Cost: $100.

Includes: a workbook, a weekly recorded lecture, and a weekly 30-minute coaching session.

If you are ready for this, email me at to register or set up a time to talk 🙂 

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