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I Just Wanted to Do the Splits…

(June 19,2015)

IMG_1939 10403186_880078522017800_1031415033896500191_n

(Then and now)

Let’s rewind about 10 years…I walk into my first live yoga class in some worn out, yellow and purple flower pattern running shorts that were certainly too loose for Happy Baby. Why did I even walk in? I just wanted to do the splits. I thought this could happen if I practiced every day for two weeks. (Ha!) I probably also was seduced by the idea that sweating a ton would be good for me and I would detox and then become the very thin person that all of the magazines seemed to be telling me that I needed to be. (Ha!) Maybe most importantly, the studio that was a block away from my tiny basement studio apartment happened to have a student special for unlimited yoga at $30/month. (Ha! And Thanks!)

For a month or so, competitiveness and a sense of intrinsic lack is probably what kept me going back. Maybe one day I could be as flexible as the teacher who was an ex- ballet-dancer. Maybe one day I would be able to balance on my hands like the seasoned-looking yogis in the front row. Maybe one day I would be able to sit on the floor with some, even remote, sense of comfort. Whatever my externally focused and somewhat trivial reasons were, I came back, again and again, day after day – and I am happy that I did.

I want to tell you about the shifts that happened. No, I will not tell you about how I was eventually able get into Hanumanasana or Bakasana or Padmasana. – there are already lots of great resources for that. Blog posts to come will be about moving from being anxious and addicted to caffeine and busy-ness to being absolutely in love with life. It will also clearly be about all of my silly motivations and comic-strip worthy little things that happened along the way.

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