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Five Things

Five Things That I am Very Grateful For

(Written sometime in 2011)

  • This great planet that supports us all. Not only do we have everything we need to live here, but we are also able to enjoy natural beauty without manufacturing it.
  • My students. These fantastic people give me a reason to teach what I love. They are often also my teachers! A special thanks to those of you who get me out of bed before the sun rises.
  • My teachers.  Teachers certainly come in all forms. I am deeply grateful for my many generous formal teachers throughout my life in many disciplines. I also give thanks for my countless informal teachers that have come (as people or as situations) and have challenged me or taught me something about myself, encouraging me to grow.
  • My family, friends and collaborators. Without all your support and love I would surely not even be writing this post right now!
  • That I exist in this time and space. I feel so fortunate to be alive – it is wonderful to get to breathe, move, receive, offer, and express.

What are you most grateful for? Please post it as a comment below.

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