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About Kat

Katherine Kuzner, M.A.,  E – RYT 500

Kat is immensely grateful to be a student and teacher of yoga. From an early age, she has been intensely curious about what it means to be alive in a body on this planet. This curiosity led her to explore embodiment, connectivity and experience through many practices and studies, including many forms of dance, literature from all over the world, and several languages. After several years as a student of yoga, Kat fell deeply in love with the practice while studying mystical Spanish texts as a graduate student and instructor of language and literature at Georgetown University. During this time, she was blessed to take classes with local Prana Flow teachers who inspired her to study with Shiva Rea. After much study and practice both on and off the mat, Kat decided to dedicate herself to leading others into deeper connection with themselves and with their world. She completed her 200 hour certification in 2008 and her 500 hour certification in 2011 through the Samudra Global School for Living yoga and she now serves as both a mentor in the Teacher Training Program and works with the certification process of this school.

Today, Kat practices yoga in many settings: on the mat both at home and with master teachers, with sacred texts, teaching, and in everyday life. She continues her formal study of Prana Flow with Shiva Rea and master teachers in the Prana Flow Tribe. Additionally, she is intensely interested in Ayurveda and its application to asana, pranayama, and meditation. She continues to study this with Maria Garre and is working towards a certification in Ayuryoga through the Ayurvedic Institute. Finally, she also continues studying restorative and therapeutic applications of yoga with Shannon Paige.

Kat’s Prana Flow classes are radiant invitations for students to create more strength and space in their bodies while deepening their understanding of aliveness and embodiment of their whole selves in the world. As students find the energetic alignment of asana through the connection of breath and movement, they unite and enliven body, breath, and spirit. Similarly, Kat’s Restorative classes invite students to explore through nurturing relaxation, precise alignment, and the conscious direction of attention and awareness.

To contact Kat, you can email her at or come to class :-)


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